With 17 years of business under our belt, formerly as Les Entreprises R&D 2000, we’ve had the privilege to meet people, please people, impress people, and help people. Despite how much our company has evolved over the years, we never forget those who have accompanied us on our journey moving upward and forward as Axxel Inc. Every one of our specialists still strives to build lifetime bonds with their clients on both business and personal fronts, because as we open new doors, and do new things, it is still our past, our present, and our future promise of loyalty to you that leads us down these paths.

Working with Axxel throughout the acquisition of KD Services was a very positive experience. It was a pleasure to deal with a team comprised of sound professionals. Each aspect of the transaction was handled with honesty, integrity, and transparency. I would definitely reengage Axxel for future acquisitions.”
— Willy Lieberman