Axxel-erate your Firm

Enable us to be a part of the expansion of your company and to help you experience record evolution. Allow us to guide you on the right path to technological advancement. Connect with us so that we can introduce you to resources you might not know are available to you. Let us help you accelerate the success of your practice.

19 years strong 

We are a consulting firm passed down from generation to generation, with a head office located in Montreal, QC, and we also cover the Ontario region from our offices located in Toronto. When we started in 2000, we serviced no more than 3 companies in 1 department. Today, Axxel Inc. has mastered the perfect formula for impeccable service. We are proudly made up of a multi-disciplinary team of Engineers, Accountants, Quality Control Experts, Financing and M&A Specialists, as well as Marketing Coordinators who collectively run our four departments: Scientific Research & Experimental Development, Government Grants, Financing/M&A, and Food Certification. We have steadily grown with continued success by expanding our horizons, acquiring a large portion of the market share, and by building lifetime partnerships with our clients. 



Whether you are a small, medium, or large enterprise, you want your organization to reach the pinnacle of success. At Axxel Inc., we strive for our clients to actualize their ambitions. We offer a myriad of services from consultation on SR&ED tax credits, government grants, financing, merger and acquisition opportunities, and food certification. In offering these services, we help businesses reach their highest potential by guaranteeing expert practices and efficient procedures, which are supported by the most experienced advice. 


Are you ground-breaking, inventive, innovative in facets of your Canadian business? Click here to manage your project’s development more effectively by taking advantage of the SR&ED program, today.


In need of funding to achieve your growth? Reliable advice on a merger or acquisition? Or perhaps a step-by-step plan to restructure your company? Click here for a full range of our commercial finance services.



Transform your business model into an equitable enterprise by using government resources that are at your disposal. Click here to discover grants that will facilitate your success.


Build protective assets that strengthen health, safety, development, and growth of your food or agriculture business. Click here to get acquainted and accredited with food safety and hygiene regulations.