Axxel Inc announces the acquisition of Dynamat Inc by Nicolas Pedneault.

Axxel acted as the exclusive M&A advisor to Dynamat.

“Axxel was pleased to represent Dynamat. The company has done an excellent job of building a business with long standing customer relationships. They have firmly established their position in the market and developed an automated process that ensures constant quality to a product that is essential to the protection of employees and equipment in any blasting environment.  The Dynamat purchase is a natural continuation of Nicolas Pedneault’s years as an executive in safety and environmental matters. Finding the right fit for the business that Pierre Poulin and Ann Pomerleau built was crucial to the success of this transaction. They wanted to ensure that this family owned business was going to keep on being the reference in the industry and that the clients and employees would see this as a continuation of what they built. For such, Nicolas was the obvious choice and we wish him continued success” Jean-Michel Zakhour, Managing Director M&A.

About Nicolas Pedneault: An entrepreneur and experienced professional with over 20 years of accumulated business practice. Known for his systematic managerial approach, Nicolas boasts a variety of skills that include strategic planning, change management, organizational development, and risk management. He has held executive positions in reputable companies over the course of his professional lifetime and is passionate about environmental health and sustainable growth.   

About Dynamat: An expert in the recycling of tires and a leading manufacturing company in mass production in Quebec, Dynamat has proven to be the largest blasting mats manufacturer in North America and has the highest production capacity in the mining industry.

About Axxel: Located in Montreal, QC, Axxel Inc is a multidisciplinary boutique consulting firm that specializes in Mergers & Acquisitions, Corporate Finance, Scientific Research & Experimental Development Tax Credits, Governments Grants, and Food Certification. Since 1999, their specialists' knowledge of the industry, their negotiation skills, their capacity for forecasting and business planning, and their incredible network of lenders and professionals, have ensured the highest quality of service for their clientele.